Minecraft Vegemites

A small vanilla server run for family and friends.
of Online

Command Flags: [] = Optional, <> = Required
default: Accept a request
Essentials: Sets your status as AFK.
Essentials: Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level.
/getpos [player]
Essentials: Displays your current coordinate location in the world.
/help [searchterm] [2;3;4;5; etc..]
Essentials: This displays the help commands for essentials.
/helpop <message>
Essentials: Requests help from online staff.
/info <page number/chapter>
Essentials: This allows you to see information about the server.
Essentials: Lists the players online and how many slots are left.
Essentials: Displays the motd (Message of the Day).
/msg <player> <message>
Essentials: This allows you to private message another player.
/r <message>
Essentials: Quickly reply to the last player to message you.
/rules <page number>
Essentials: Displays the rules.
/spawn [player]
Essentials: Teleports you to spawn.
default: View helpful info
default: View message of the day
default: View players
default: View time of the server
default: View the server version