Jul 7 2000

Time: 1:05pm
Weight: 9lb 2oz
Complication: Cord choking

One morning I was up at 4am with contractions. I was trying to decide if they were braxton hicks or not but by 7am they were regular and when Brett got up I told him he should not go in to work as the baby was coming. He arranged for Karl to spend the day with his mum while I phoned the hospital and at 10:30am we got in the car and headed to his mum's house.

Once there at around 11am I imagined we'd be going to the hospital but instead Brett stayed for a leisurely cup of tea and a chat with his mum and dad while I was trying to deal with the pain. we finally left and got the the hospital at about 12:15pm and almost went straight up to the ward.

I held off with gas & air until 12:30 and what they brought me was an empty canister (only discovered after they kept telling me how to use it and it just wasn't working), I was then given a replacement at around 12:40 which took the edge off and I continued focusing on a box of latex gloves (it helped!).

At around 12:50 I had the urges to push and by 1:05pm out came a very blue Chloe with the cord around her neck. A minute passed which seemed to last a lifetime before she began to breathe and she then got cleaned up and checked over. It was about an hour or more after the birth when they came in and decided I needed to be sewn up (ouch yet again, far more painful than the birth but it didn't last long).