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Motorists App

Apr 12 2020

I spoke to a few people about an idea for an app I had and if they would be interested in using it. From there I learned the app I had considered making would not be used as much as another which was suggested to me. I then began researching what was already available and what would be the right questions to ask people to learn their needs. Once I had the questions ready, I conducted surveys and interviews and …

Pilot Training

Mar 1 2020

A team project to design and build an app for pilot trainers to use for commenting and grading during a training session. I was the designer for this app and learned Adobe XD and some basic React while the first proof of concept was being developed. Later on, it was decided that we should change this to an IOS native codebase named Swift. The design phase went through various iterations as new ideas came to light. It was an interesting …

Flight Data Exchange

Feb 1 2019

The design was created by me working closely with the client (IATA) and they were very pleased with the final product. This site was for de-itentified sharing or flight data to allow airlines to see how they measure against others, allowing for a benchmark to be visualised. I worked on the development of the site with the team.

Flight Data Statistics

Sep 1 2018

Flight Data Statistics was a new project created with Python, Flask, Plotly and Dash. It displays flight data in various charts. I designed the site and then developed it as part of a team.

Express Readout

Aug 4 2018

This site was designed by myself and developed along with the team. It allows airlines to check the integrity of their data. It uses Python, Django and some Javascript.

Random graphics

Jun 1 2017

This is a collection of random images I have created over the years. There are forum graphics, avatars, wallpaper, icons, logos and experimental graphics. There is a motorbike drawn freehand (with a mouse) in MS Paint which I was surprised came out as a good likeness of the bike I was drawing from.

Flight Data Services commercial website

Nov 1 2016

My first task at Flight Data Services was to redesign their website. I designed and coded this from scratch using PHP. It has an animated header which I created from their signature cloud image. Using Photoshop I was able to separate the clouds into three transparent images and animated it with CSS. I also added a customiseable text rotation for the keywords they wanted to display.

The site has numerous forms for customer feedback, event registration, newsletter signup, demo requests …

GMK Stock web application

Jan 1 2016

While working for GMK, I created a web based application for tracking stock and displaying content on their online store. Products would automatically be removed from the site when they were out of stock and this was done automatically as people purchased items. It also enabled the Beretta Gallery in London to print labels with bar codes for their stock and to mark items out of stock if they had been borrowed or taken out for demonstrations.

The website was …

My Website

Jan 1 2015

One of the most recent designs for my own website.

GMK Shooting Competitions

Jun 30 2014

GMK hosted annual competitions; Benelli SP'Auto and Beretta World. Their registration and scoring was all done via email and on paper so to make this process easier, I created an online booking system. This was automated as customers would enter the required details which would then be verified against the CPSA database (if they were a CPSA member) and their booking details would stay on the system ready for the scoring process later. Once an admin had finalised all bookings, …

Benelli SPAuto

Jun 30 2014

This was designed as a pair of websites for the competitions hosted by GMK.

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