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Zakynthos Holiday

09 Oct 2017

We spent Sunday relaxing, tidying the house and packing the remaining items. We watched Dirty Dancing and counted down the hours until bedtime which would mean before we know it, it will be time to get up. Finally 8pm came and I headed to bed as I was eager to try to chill out after feeling anxious for the last few days due to spotting a post from EasyJet about strike action in France on the ev...

Counting the days to Zakynthos

21 Jul 2017

We've booked a holiday in Zakynthos and are now counting the days (80 still to go). I have put the island of Zakynthos next to Crete and UK to compare the size and it seems tiny, getting around shouldn't be too bad. We've already booked a few trips which are two boat hires, scuba and horse riding. Fingers crossed we still see some sunshine in October!

Crete Holiday

24 Aug 2015

Mon 24th Aug (day 1) - Getting there
We sent the kids to bed at 8pm with no phone/electric so they would get as much sleep as possible (Josh was not pleased) and as Mat was still not well (and for convenience) we both slept downstairs after an episode of Chuck. I had dropped off about 30 mins when Josh came down and woke us up wanting the electric back on. He was sent back to bed (almost incoh...

Adopted Jessie

24 Mar 2015

We had been sending a lot of emails back and forth with the Stubbington Ark to pre register via email so we could hopefully donate and adopt all in one trip. We arranged a date and on the day (Saturday) we went to donate the £1.3k raised by our group vapetrades (aka BOFV) and look for a cat who'd fit in well with us.

Saturday 28th Feb - donation & cat shopping
The money was handed over in a...

Vape Trades

02 Dec 2013

A new venture of Mat and myself, we joined a vaping group. Mat quit smoking on 27th Sep 13 and began vaping, after some hunting around and trying various groups on Facebook, he found a friendly, helpful group named 'UK Vape Trades'. Mat learned more and bought better items, I had a go at some nicotine free flavours and started vaping socially as well as for the fun and hobby aspects. After a wh...


26 Oct 2002

Mat and I founded of NBSdesignz (a forum skins, web scripts and web hosting company) which has since disappeared. Mat and I had a great time running that site, and it turned steadily from hobby to company. We had a lot of fun with that site but it grew too big and so we sold our baby to give us more time for family.

NBSdesignz was founded on 26th October 2002, and was formerly known as IBFsk...

Josh Born

08 Feb 2002

Time: 8:05pm
Weight: 10lb 7oz
Complication: Shoulder stuck

During my last few pregnancy checkups I was being told that he was bigger than expected and that I may need to be induced earlier than my due date. This was worrying as later appointments they were changing their mind despite baby still being too big, even to the point of acting as though we were unreasonably wanting it to happen b...

Chloe Born

07 Jul 2000

Time: 1:05pm
Weight: 9lb 2oz
Complication: Cord choking

One morning I was up at 4am with contractions. I was trying to decide if they were braxton hicks or not but by 7am they were regular and when Brett got up I told him he should not go in to work as the baby was coming. He arranged for Karl to spend the day with his mum while I phoned the hospital and at 10:30am we got in the car and he...

Karl Born

31 Oct 1998

Time: 3:03am
Weight: 8lb 11oz
Complication: Large Head

It was around 9pm when I started to feel contractions, I was walking down the hall and felt my waters break and told Brett, so we got packed up in the car and made for the hospital. He was heading for QA when I reminded him we needed St Mary's so after that little diversion we made it to the maternity ward for around 11pm.

I sat dow...