Feb 8 2002

Time: 8:05pm
Weight: 10lb 7oz
Complication: Shoulder stuck

During my last few pregnancy checkups I was being told that he was bigger than expected and that I may need to be induced earlier than my due date. This was worrying as later appointments they were changing their mind despite baby still being too big, even to the point of acting as though we were unreasonably wanting it to happen before necessary. This was annoying because they first gave us undue stress and worry and then later were somewhat accusing over it.

On my last checkup with the midwife, she performed a membrane sweep which would hopefully initiate labour (alas no joy). Not long after we had a date for induction and we arranged for my parents to watch Karl and Chloe while we were at the hospital. On the day, we took the kids over to my parents' and stayed for a chat and a drink then headed over to the hospital for the 6pm appointment. They had closed a large chunk of the ward and so they were very busy and we had a long wait ahead. Mat wasn't allowed to stay with me and they gave us the option of going home and coming back the next day! This wasn't an option because of the cost to get there and also we had limited amount of time that my parents could have the kids. So we stayed and waited. In the morning we checked in with my parents and then had some breakfast, walked around the ward and kept checking in if there was any news when it was my turn.

It wasn't until 7pm that we were called in and a trainee put in a drip in case I would need to be given blood or fluids. The trainee managed to leave the end open and my blood shot across the room like a jet before the midwife sorted the problem out. The trainee was then tasked with breaking my water. First I was checked and I was already 5cm dilated! Trainee used the crochet-like hook and broke my water at the same time as giving me an almighty scratch inside (sigh). After about 10 minutes, I started getting contractions and was soon to a point where I warned them it felt like I was about 8cm (from the past 2 experiences) and low and behold I was. I said I would need to start pushing soon so they hurried off and brought the equipment they would need. I went on all fours for this birth as I heard it can help and put off gas & air until I couldn't bear it (knowing I was able to go without it until the last few minutes with chloe's birth). I was to the point of pushing and Josh's head came out fine but then he got stuck and the more senior midwife was rushed in to help, she prised my hands off the back of the bed and I turned onto my back where they spread my legs wider and after dislocating Josh's shoulder, they got him out. He was rushed out of the room to have his shoulder put back in and be checked over.

I was checked over and needed no stitches. I had successfully managed to go without any pain relief too. A while later they came in with Josh and I breast fed him while recovering. Not long after a nurse came in to usher us out but after pointing out I'd only just given birth and was still very dizzy she left. I was worrying about others needing the room so around 9pm I was able to carefully make my way across to the showedr where I held ontop the top to stop from collapsing. We were in the ward again at about 9:30 and enjoying some rest when they came to tell Mat he had to go which was upsetting as I had gotten up sooner than I was truly safe to do so. Mat went out and slept in the waiting room while I laid in bed and Josh held onto my finger from in his cot.