Aug 22 2005

Day1 Arrived at a little before 3 pm, just as josh and chloe dropped off in the car. We walked around investigating until check in time at 4pm. We went back to the guest services to get our suitcase and then went to get the resort train but was full. The man there said he’d call a van so we sat and waited then heard him tell a lady he was having trouble getting one so we decided to walk to our room. It wasnt very far, but Mat’s corn was hurting him alot. We had a drink, then went to the outdoor pool, but were then told it closes 6pm (not sign posted anywhere). Kids didn’t want to come away. We went back to our room and got changed then went for dinner after a man came to fit locks to the windows and door. Dinner was great. all you can eat! we all enjoyed our dinner. salad, lasagne, chicken, bolognaise, coke, choc sponge and custard, ice lollies and fish/chicken breadcrumbed shapes. After dinner we went to the shop to get some booze, milk…and I got some nail varnish. We posted the postcards, the kids had written. And then went back to our room around 9pm. Watched telly for a little while then went to sleep. Was comfy bed.

Day 2 Woke up 6.15am (our body clock time) and had a cuppa. the kids one by one woke up and we watched incredibles with josh for a little while until the others got up. After running about for a while, josh ripped the duvet and we nearly didnt go swimming cos of it, but Mat got josh to tell the truth and redeemed the day - phew!!!. Not we’re waiting for 8.30 (breakfast time). Weather looks good for a day at beach and outdoor pool :D Went for breakfast which was yummy, then after we went to the swimming pool. Was great in there. After that we went to the outdoor paddling pool, and then to pizza hut for lunch where josh fell asleep. After that, we went to look at the beach but it was too windy so we went back in the pavillion to a large soft play area. After that we went to the bob the builder area where there were alot of rides, the kids went on them all and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. After that, we hired a bike - ‘thing’ - 2 ppl peddle, one of the peddlers does the steering, and the others sit and enjoy the ride. That was 6 pounds for 30 mins. Once we finished there, we went on for our dinner which wasnt as good as yesterday but still pretty good, and again all we now we’re back in our rooms, having a rest after the multitude of activites today. We’ll chill out now.

Day 3 Woke up at 4am and went back to sleep, then woke up again at about 7ish. Had a cuppa and the kids gradually woke up. Josh was the last to wake. When we’d dressed, had huge pillow fight either at this time or before dinner (cant remember). we went for our brekkie which was yummy. an english breakfast for Mat and I, the kids had wheetos (chloe had weetabix but didnt eat it). After that, we had some toast and the kids had a cup of tea. We went back to our room and got ready to go to wookey hole. walked to get money out then went to the reception and found out it would cost 75 pounds just to get there! we went to the soft play area on the way. After about 25 mins in there, Then we got some sweets and drinks and then we went over to bob’s yard and they went on a few rides. No-one wanted lunch so we all went to our rooms and got ready for swimming. There was a big queue, but wasnt long before we were in. We’d got them rings and a float on the way and they loved em. we were able to go in the bigger pool and not have to keep carrying them around. we went around the lazy river and in the wave pool and the jacuzzi. Then about 3.30, we got out and had a nightmare to get dressed. Josh was tired and grumpy. When we finally got out, we looked for karl’s coat but could not find it. We thought it was at home but turned out it wasnt. Back at home we sat don for a moment or two, then went for dinner. Josh curry and rice but didnt eat it. Chloe and karl had baked potato with pasta. Mat had pork with roast potatoes and I had korma with rice which was delicious. We all then had a hotdog, followed by choc fudge cake, ice cream, rhubarb and custard, and some ice lollies (between us). After dinner I got milk and loo roll from the shop then went back to our room and we got ready to go out for the centre stage kids party disco. Got there and the queue was a mile long. We decided to go for the central entertainment area which was pretty good The skyline gang were funny, first was a guess the film theme tune and then a puppet show. After that was the skyline gang (that’s the guys who wander around the pavillion annoying/making ppl laugh). Spent 3 hours there :o the kids were really good too until chloe got grumpy towards the end so we went back to our rooms and to bed. (not before watching incredibles and watching karl be all hyper and loopy).

Day 4 Woke at 6.30am and wrote in the hol diary then had a cuppa.Had our usual breakfast then went out to take the kids on the rides they all been so keen to play on while we been walking through the pavillion. First they went to go on the driving school but it started raining so they closed it right after we paid, and gave us credit. Then we went in the arcade and squashed some pennies, played on some machines and won some tickets. We then went and got some ice cream and walked to the shop and got the kids some toys. Karl had a ball that lights up, chloe a pretty horse and josh got a dog :) now we’re back in our room taking a break before lunch/next activity. We headed back out to the driving school, and waited for the current session to finish, then we had to wait for the next kids in line to finish and finally it was our turn. The kids had a good time and it was funny watching them. After, we went to the sun and moon pub for lunch - cost a fortune!!. then back to the room again for another rest. Mat has a head ache so we’re waiting for him to feel better before we can go back out again. We went out to get some prizes for mummies and daddies, then went to bob’s yard, the kids went on one ride then they said it was closed. We went to redeem the tickets the kids had won and got 4 lollies. Then we went for dinner for yet more food. the kids didnt eat more than a couple of bites. when Mat and I had finished, chloe needed toilet so when I got back to the table, the kids started playing up again with more questions and i want this, i want that. so we decided to go back to our room. I got some desert in a cup and the kids had ice lollies - chloe didnt eat hers. We rested, and then packed up ready. Then we watched the in room entertainment as Karl and josh had a huge fight. Not long after, Mat and I got them into bed and watched the bill then went to sleep.

Day 5 Started getting up at 7.30, then went for breakfast and filled the drinks bottles ready for the trip home. We went back to our room and then at 10am, left and took our luggage to the luggage room then went to the outdoor pool. the weather was fabulous. Around 11:30 we decided to get ready and head over to the pizza hut. We’d just got dressed and started walking when it tipped down with rain. We went to the pizza hut even tho none of us was really hungry. Mat’s Dad turned up at about 1:30 which was pretty much perfect timing. It wasn’t long after we set off the kids fell asleep, and I took a nap aswell. we stopped off at the same stop we went to on the way there. Then headed back on for home. it didnt seem to take very long and we got back about 5:30pm. Ahh bliss to be back. All in all it was a nice holiday. We were getting fed up of being told what we can and can’t do all the time and felt like we were an inconvenience to the staff. The red coats however were very nice. The entertainment was great and kapt the kids quiet for 3 hours!. We had a fair amount of nice weather and there was plenty to do. The worst part was walking places. especially through the pavillion where the kids would hang behind touching all the machines making it take 4 times longer to walk through. The food was great and it was nice being able to eat as much as you want and having so much choice. Our room was almost right next to the restaraunt and laundrette, we would have liked more of the doors accessible as 3 out of four were fire exit only so you had to attempt to get out the same door as the people who wanted to come in :S. We all enjoyed the break but it’s lovely to be home were we can do what we like.