Aug 9 2013

Day 1 Early morning taxi like bit of rain text you arrived after going down as usual back to us and taxi driver’s breath smell really bad. we were three quarters of the way there and he went for a wee. arrived in an area with lots of coaches and discovered the lift needed to go just up to the next level of sort of car park area and to the departures we went to the toilet first I kept on dropping the bottle of drink and then throw it away without thinking through saw the signs saying that we need to go to area J4 monarch then area J but that was so different airline Norwegian I think in Monica's on ok with you there is having trouble the lady was very nice had a giggle about it being office time the baggage lines were down so we had to take her luggage into the other area to Tralee things we waited in the wrong line then realised the right line dance so we got her luggage onto there and then we went back up needed to smoke took some pictures back in winter went through to the departure lounge with security in between I set the alarms off it's probably my jewellery even though they said I didn't need to take it so I had to get frisked supposed to yours Indian we went through wandered around the purchase and I bought new hair band SHINee sparkly got a coffee from Costa that was very nice my had an expresso I had it also had a croissant but that was very dry so I gave up and threw it away but I looked in sunglasses but that was expensive that's every sat down and we waited with board nearest the ripping next to me me0 long after that the gate 19 is called so we went down the cake I went to the toilet mid way and then we waited in line innit lots of different Gate waiting areas along these of I'll gave them tickets as the lady said a nice reply to how are you you waited them in the the next level section looking at airplane a little girl that was looking out the window and then not long before ordered those little girl kicking it meals brought out after a woman didn't like the smell but I believe this was after the takeoff so we were taxiing around I think we were delayed by about 15 minutes because of the baggage believe it was actually a lot less powerful than I thought it was like a train NZ so we took off was quite exciting as the ground fell away but I just went up that's where my got nervous about the fight about 5 or 10 minutes to start to get used to it I was feeling upset that matter was missing out on the gorgeous fuse but eventually other came desperate for the toilet but being you cut for refreshment seems to be taking forever to get through finally it was reasonably fast so I was able to get from good looking at the window at gorgeous mountains and after a while we were able to take it off pain walkthrough it was a little a lot of signs but but we made it through it seemed a little confusing not as easy as crowd but we did research network we went through a security at the very end and then through to the baggage area but an hour line seemed to take forever to start where everyone else was going we read the booking paperwork realised he needs to go to Dorothy actually ended up being right across from us that was easy it was the lady they're having trouble with her transfer and she sold it but something to do with being late early and not sure and when we got our 10 we were told that another family was supposed to be coming with us so we will just waiting on them we went outside the airport and waited for a while and not but 10 minutes after that I think it was when his family had arrived the taxi driver popped over and we realised it was an estate taxi metal I can actually sit together but they would hold his hand press the way see you in a non descript journey the car and Fran I think was annoying with taxi driver going slow finally we got through and then we will have to our airport hotel will booking him me it seemed they didn't have a new recollection of our reservation tilak over the paperback passport and they didn't have any idea better upgraded booking so anyway they told us to come back in one because the rooms have been cleaned so we went out by the pool view pictures of my feet in the water and we went back at 1 but it seems like the room hasn't been done yet so we had to go when I'm back in another 15 minutes so we came back together keys and we went and had a look but I'm missing the part where we signed in week with your field in some paperwork and they brought over a couple of complimentary drinks yes so back to the room we got into it it was was right above gaming area there were the entertainment is wasn't very easy to Seaview that's it would have been but it was overlooked so we decided that would try different room for stick to our guns with the booking we've been promised so won't back down to the reception and said they weren't happy and she had managed to find us another room so we will try that out we got in it smells like cigarette smoke the hotel in general is very grubby but tidy suppose this room it was on it but also included in higher app so what did we do then we got settled but I'm bags down a bit we went down and look for something to eat and wasn't much there air-con what we did have to that pretty much just went and swimming pool that came back out that we went out and look for some snacks for two few trinkets and went back into the pool for dinner pretty tired so we also that was when we went in relaxed out the lower area but it seemed pretty dirty down there a rusty pole looking at the rocks England to match the wall was going on a reptile show they brought out a boa constrictor and leave a comment but they called it Bobby or something then then I know it was a need one it was a python and then after that they messed about with a girl called her up and headache Close our eyes put a blindfold on and different toys in a spider fake and a fairy snake is her I was quite funny laughter it was opportunity people have their photos taken so I had mine done with the purple Albania python after that we too tired to sleep today see woke up I'm going to finish this one of doing you

Day 2 today we woke up the beautiful sea change it change it straight off the breakfast I think we went to the went to the pool and set about for a while we tried out the camera it BS it wasn't working out well so we just played around the pool for a little bit longer in and then eventually we decided to get out and headed off to the beach concert about entail rainbow coloured holiday holiday feet down scatty really afraid people school of them by writing for my face eventually it was getting again and I'm just coming around them then I was getting really cold out on the same floor and I got back into rinse off and then we go back out and went back to the hotel got cleaned up I had a shower got dressed went to see thousand snacks and croissant was only get home and a laughing cow how are you today I bought a bikini and we went to other shops spa and fencing snacks crisps in Matson you there then we went around and I found a souvenir for Mum I just remembered that yesterday there was with figured out where to buy cigarettes in it so then when you came back we went I'm missing out how we showered out with before we went out to the shops we we showered off on the in the pool area there's a shower and outdoor shower to be washed off there and went for a quick swim before you went out to the shops right back to where we got back from shops we came back upstairs oh yes we will continue that we bought there's see what the moment didn't we went upstairs to the area and they're watching the team at the Vue and uploaded some Facebook pictures ended up not uploading yeah but then when we went and got to changed my cravings rearrange to we went for dinner and after dinner how are you came back upstairs iPads I went downstairs and sat in the Hammocks for a while watching the few with is the sun went down across the water was all the lit up the hotels and houses apartments today beautiful very good colours there and upstairs and repellent bands so I could write it down I just never got around to a little while longer to come upstairs so sat on my balcony for a while you decided to come in and watch some TV and I started the voice recordings has it been

Day 3 I got woken up I went down for breakfast about 8:15 I don't think it was anything in particularly interesting and never came back upstairs and got us cells prepared for these uber trip we all waiting in reception around about 9 for the transport to take us to scuba diving but they were late so that 12:15 the arrived after a phone call May said they haven't got us on the books and the guy turned up and he said again that we went booked so much we went pleasant trip around the Boats and some other shops there was nothing on the top and various scuba diving items around for buying filled Littlethorpe and then went and watched video about the safety in their guidelines sign language little while after the waited that we went round and changed and then headed out to celebrity speedboat thing gentle Ride Across the bay and then suddenly opened it up when we went flying over I got scared but it was fun we finally we stopped and let off some of the people who done it before then we went around the corner to Bay whereas shallow kitted up thrown over backwards and then I had an immense amount of trouble balancing my self from stop rolling forward backward sideways trying to keep my feet downwards was it change after a while we only went to swim further Into The Shallows where we then have to understand to try and learn to the instructions but that was still couldn't stop myself to you and back forward and sideways and also then the way to taking you to feet and made people's will get stuck in your head stressed me out so quick wasn't working out with me the boat around there for a while until the others back I did go and diving a bit not not working just looking at the fish and the surface I got back into the boat and they gave us some water and biscuit and then off we went faster this time it was quite bumpy ride and then sort of jumping out of water or lots making my stomach go some salts we got back and paid for it and he said that only charged half if we didn't do the full things so we got scuba the masks for the kids instead that was a transport back to the hotel went back to our rooms I don't know what we went down to the pool went for a quick swim and I set house on the side and lay down had a drink a bit too hot solvent and set put the chairs are uncomfortable so I couldn't cuddling probably decided that it might be nice to go find a different seat it turned out that up the top floors best so we went up there though the wind was going crazy blowing my hair everywhere I was quite pleasant watching the boats started to get a sore face someone took photos of Us on next phone then we decided to go any other side so there was less wind phone Carl phoned mum he needs to feel human again so I went downstairs and washing my hair back up there for a while then we came down and spend some time in I think I spent quite a lot of time actually relaxing in the room said it was dinner time so when and had some dinner and then went upstairs again and and relax for a bit then decided to go to a geocache to the saying to get you dark and the first place I couldn't see it and it was a bit as a bit too dangerous to climb down the other side but then it looks like it might be the other way by then I was making me nervous with all the rocks so decided to call it quits instead we went for a little walk around the other way which we haven't been before it was some boats and it was getting dark I was getting hot so would so to head back again and a room and then I pop down quickly to see the flamenco girl so making a lot of noise stamping on the wood and came back up and his name

Day 4 Down for breakfast once ready then we went out to the pool and I don't think I went into them quite a while because we we had a nice seat or setting up breakfast so we went and got a snorkeling things and headed on the beach and spent quite a long time snorkeling around we went quite far out to see all the different coloured fish of the rainbow coloured fishing the breakfast and then some of the small silvery coloured fish and then also the large flattish type fish that would swimming around then Matt spotted a fish on the very bottom with side of wings then they like it was climbing along the floor was good too quite cold then we went back to the shore and and then back out for a little bit and then we decided to head back home on the way back we spotted some shops that might be nice to go in quite warm so went back to the hotel that went in pool funny today I got back from the please no photos so we spent some time in the pool did we not have lunch and overlooked the water then n&m impact the poorly again and we headed out doing some photos and you went all the way up to the beach videos and my 20 in the water we headed back decided to not going the shop straight away cos we both very hot and went into pool instead at the hotel then and then for the shops after we got money in search if you was getting hot so I came back again and went to the Fall again I think that time you just just you went in the pool then we came back upstairs and I'm around upstairs for a bit until then it was my top to the spa was going to go in the steam room but it was closed so I just had a shower while Matt waited on the top floor balcony looking take some photos then headed back down to our room and relaxed for awhile to it was Diss on and before we went to the Spar Tralee then and after that we went in Hexham dinner it was cool and that she had chicken look at some of the English people around we then decided to go for a walk because it was a lot cooler but then suddenly turned out really hot we went the wrong way on the way back to get lost and turned around so even overcame Stead managed to get penis pictures of the harbour and came back extra hot on dexaven that had a shower we packed and then watched some programme on his laptop.

Day 5 Phone went off at 7 and we got up pretty faster setup looked at the window for a little while seaview and only made a last little bit of packing after we did that little pretty much already to get going so we went down for breakfast set down took a few photos around her to set down at the tables overlooking the water and went and got some croissants and various pastries of bits of food what did I have I got a grilled tomato and I think I got croissant well anyway that's after we'd had breakfast we went up and to the room said he'd meet me there and had a little quick look around saying goodbye to the area and I headed back to the room back to the elevator and make me out they're taking too long you didn't know what I was doing say came down and then we checked out god child passports that they almost forgot to give us us-1 but we did forget to give us mad to remind them when we were we went out to the frontin hang around to cook picture or two coach pulled up saying the Palma Palma Palma wasn't us so we were waiting for a bit behind it and I was coach turned up three stop serving and then we were headed on towards the airport once we arrived we couldn't find any signs for Monarch until we finally got to the end and sort them they're so it went through those doors after my had a cigarette and we didn't really long line family in front of us was taking a really long time because they had lots of them in lots of baggage and there's a man and his daughter behind us who would been delayed from previous night they were quite nice when we finally got to return it transpired that we were in the wrong line so we had to go round to the other side and wait again when I was quite worried that we're not going to be in there in time once we got to the chicken they did our bags and then she said we are are you aware that flight is delayed by I think 3 hours supposed to be at 12:20 and it ended up being at 4 so I'll say it was more than 3 hours anyway we mingles around the airport for a little while they've given us a couple of vouchers for food for that very much just bought us for drinks went outside to smoking Garden area which was very pretty and it will watch them little birds come within for couple of feet of Us I went walking about a little confused by the police lady that was there telling people to go one or the other way set down had another drink and decided that it was time to go through to the check-in the the departure areas so went through security just didn't take too long I had to be frisked again I went through to duty-free and saw that the prices were much more than expected but we knows drowned I bought some things for work kept around departure gates information and also then we decided to go and find sort some signs for McDonald's so we went to Terminal I think they called it sea and finally had some food that actually tasted like food when you was delicious McDonald's and then we went back to mine I want to round little bit but then went on to our gate to Terminal witches a and by then will getting quite hot and bothered and fed up with all this lame seeing you went and found his seat and we sat there for a while why I went and got information from a passenger help a person who gave us the wrong Gate information after all while I saw our Gate was called number 12 so we went down to there there was a lot of people waiting and there's no plane so we're getting married but eventually the plane rolled-up got unloaded visit message just had a flight Reloaded we all got on the plane and they still want to sit down and dolls clothes and set the pilot said that the air traffic controls and gonna let us go for another hour but if everything was all ready to go then we might come to slot which thankfully we did Andrew off we didn't go over the Pyrenees I think it's mountains but it was very nice when we were we looked over anything pretty nondescript apart from a guy behind her she kept on talking and funny accent at the top of his voice and laughing so loud people on the ground before reheating and this was the whole trip just starting to get really annoying up at the end and we flew over at the Isle of Wight and saw the Needles and that's when we started to sending had to go through some clouds where it got a bit bumpy when then I started hearing knocking sound from under my seat says looking around I can't see anything until then finally noticed it was the annoying go behind us it was tapping his feet on the floor to send it really smoothly nothing to report much about that got through the the UK border then we got through to the baggage claim and I went to the toilet and then we met up with the taxi driver was very nice when we got chatty or for some other way and then we decided that we would get him to drop us to Tesco's on the way sort of first of all go home for bags in a minute Tesco's who was around and got some junk food and called a taxi to give us back home when I didn't do much just put the washing on in the week got in bed and had a snack move watch TV that remembering then went to sleep the end