Dec 2 2013

A new venture of Mat and myself, we joined a vaping group. Mat quit smoking on 27th Sep 13 and began vaping, after some hunting around and trying various groups on Facebook, he found a friendly, helpful group named 'UK Vape Trades'. Mat learned more and bought better items, I had a go at some nicotine free flavours and started vaping socially as well as for the fun and hobby aspects. After a while, Mat was helping a lot on the group; Welcoming people and giving advice which earned him an admin spot there. I was helping Mat out with some things and also welcoming people and making banners for the group which earned me an admin spot also.

We had a few differences of opinion with the group's founder and at one point we could not remain admin due to a honour bound conflict of interests and so Mat and I stepped down. A week later we missed running a group and doing charity collections so we started our own Facebook group and page named 'Breath of Fresh Vape'. A week after that, we were asked to join the admin team again when the founder quit the group so we decided to merge what we had with UKVT and it became 'Breath of Fresh Vape Trades' (BoFVT). 24th April '14 we started a forum to work along side the group as we have always found it easier to manage with seperate categories rather than the single page which is fast becoming overloaded with sales and trades. We hope to make it easier to get what you want from a community be it advice, sales/trade or just having a laugh and comparing our collections.