Mar 24 2015

We had been sending a lot of emails back and forth with the Stubbington Ark to pre register via email so we could hopefully donate and adopt all in one trip. We arranged a date and on the day (Saturday) we went to donate the £1.3k raised by our group vapetrades (aka BOFV) and look for a cat who'd fit in well with us.

Saturday 28th Feb - donation & cat shopping
The money was handed over in a photo of the kids and the fundraising manager (Vanessa), then we went on to the cattery. We were looking for a ginger cat but none were available. There was a very pretty little cat there we would have picked but she had malignant cancer removed which could come back again and wouldn't be covered by insurance. The kids were attracted to a black and white cat while Mat and I were looking around. We didn't find any others which looked suitable so we went to meet the cat the kids liked (Jessie) and he seems friendly but a little wary. We read on his info sheet he wasn't happy in the kennels and that he had a tummy bug which had just cleared up.

Saturday - meeting Jessie
I went to discuss going in to meet Jessie and the lady said we needed our papers so I went to the car and brought the papers in to her. She hadn't been told about our visit and it looked like she had no record of my registering until she called to the office who did (thankfully) confirm the registration. So the kids went in first and they got on nicely with Jessie, then I went in and met him though he was hiding under his chair he did come when I called him. We decided Jessie was the cat for us.

Saturday - starting the adoption process
Mat then went out to the office to arrange the adoption but he was told we couldn't take him yet because he needed the vet to clear him first. The lady said she thought he would be fine but needed the vet clearance first. On that assurance it was decided I'd go back to mum & dad's house with the kids and dad would drive us back later that day after the vet had seen Jess.

Saturday - waiting for the vet
The kids and I played a few games and the kids had some lunch and then the Ark called saying Jessie had to stay in till Tuesday and then they would call in the morning to say if he was cleared. So we all went home rather disappointed.

Tuesday 3rd March - wating for the call
Morning came and went with no call. I was still not well as I'd been ill since the trip to the Ark and was unlikely to get any more time off to go and collect Jessie this week unless we collected him that day (I could manage that journey as it was only a quick trip and wouldn't use up too much energy). We ended up calling them and it was engaged so long but finally had an answer and it turned out there was never any chance of getting him Tuesday so we'd been messed around again.

Tuesday evening - phone call after the vet saw Jessie
We got a call that the vet had been and as long as Jessie's poo had been solid still by morning we could take him home. We sorted transport with my dad. By that time I was drained again and not feeling well enough for going back to work so it was good timing and also a good chance to get some fresh air.

Wednesday 4th March - bringing Jessie home
We got the call saying Jessie was good to go so at 11am my dad and I went there to collect him. Jessie meowed all the way home in Dad's car, we got home and I showed him (still in the carrier) the litter tray and food bowls on my way through to the living room. I sat the carrier down, opened the door and stood back so he could come out when ready. Thinking he'd take a long time, I was surprised when he came out straight away and slowly he investigated his new home. Later that evening he had curled up on my lap kneading and purring my furry dressing gown!