Minecraft Vegemites

A small vanilla server run for family and friends.
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Self-Service area protection

* = left click for left-handed configurations
** = right click for left-handed configurations

Video showing how to claim using wand tool
  1. Use the command /rp wand to obtain the area tool (
    an empty glass bottle)
  2. With wand tool, choose one corner with right click*, and the oposite corner with left click**, making a squared region;
  3. Use the command /rp claim [NemoOfRegion] [additional owner] to claim a region with you as owner. All [] argumments are optional;
  4. Admins and OPs can use /rp define [NameOfRegion] or "#server#" to make a server region region (this region will not be removed by purge system and sell system). [NameOfRegion] is optional too.
  5. Use the command /rp ev to increase the height of your claim from bedrock to sky.

For more commands to manipulate your area (setting flags or removing areas for example), visit the Commands & Plugins page and limit to the "RedProtect" plugin. There is also a tutorial area in game in the main spawn (type /warp tutorial in-game) but that is currently based on the GriefPrevention plugin.

Money (Notes and Coins)

Making money:

You receive a salary of between between 1 & 5 Notes every 10 minutes while you are online. Using "[Trade]" signs you can sell your items, please see link above for sign tutorial Doing jobs for other players. You should pre arrange the fee and as a suggestion, they should pay you ½ deposit and ½ on completion. (See below on how to pay someone) Collect/Mine items which you can sell in your Spawn Shop.

Using your money:

You can use your money in the spawn shop to buy tools, ingredients and so on. Right click a "[Buy]" sign to buy the item(s) and the money will be taken from your balance. Get other players to perform tasks for you in exchange for money (or items, but here we are discussing the money aspect). To pay a player, type /money pay <playername> <amount> (replacing <playername> and <amount> with the recipient's name and the amount you want to pay them). Your money can also buy you claim blocks (as listed above). This will give you a 'home' area that is protected from other players as you see fit.

Cost per command

You can perform a number of commands for a cost:


  1. /kit wood (Free, 30 minutes between uses)
  2. /kit stone (5 Notes, 60 minutes between uses)
  3. /kit iron (50 Notes, 60 minutes between uses)
  4. /kit diamond (300 Notes, 60 minutes between uses)
  5. /kit wool (200 Notes, 60 minutes between uses)
  6. /kit epic (Free, 720 minutes between uses, VIP Only)